Thursday, November 13, 2008

gettin' ready...

A few weeks ago I was waking up during the night panicking about socks...

I didn't think we had enough socks for our lil' bundle of joy
due to arrive in eleven days or sooner.
So, I went shopping...

And now I have twenty-plus pairs of socks just waiting to keep his lil' piggies nice and toasty.

After the socks, the obsessive, cleaning, craziness set in...

I love our pets, but their hairs are driving me nutty.

We also had our baby shower.

to my best friend, Amy
and mother-in-law, Ma B
for throwing JB and I a fun filled, gift laden couples shower!

The petit four's were absolutely delightful.

This is where I got stuck...
I had every intention of taking a lot more pictures of our shower,
but after I ate one of these little scrumptious darlings,
I set my camera down to greet some guests and never picked it back up.
Although, I did manage to pick up few more of these delights
and cram them in my mouth... oy!

And now with those lil' delights gone from my reach, I finally got around to taking some photos of some of the gifts we received.

With a few gift cards we received to buy some things
we still needed or wanted,
we treated ourselves to "his & hers" diaper bags.

And now the packing begins...

Yes, that's right... JB bought me those sock monkey slippers to wear at the hospital.
He's funny like that.
And I made sure I have a selection of my favorite lotions and body wash... just in case I have the energy after giving birth to care.

And of course, something special to bring the lil' guy home in.

The white blanket in the back is the same one I brought my other son, Theron, home in over fifteen years ago. It has little blue birds on it and was sent to me from my grandmother several years before she passed away.

So, this may very well be my last blog entry until after baby "J's" birthday.
I'll try to update again, but I can't make any promises.
I hope everyone is well and I'll be back soon...

Lots of love,


Barbara Bakes said...

How exciting. I wish you all the best!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I wish you all the best and can't wait until you return with the news of your new bundle of joy.

Amy said...

I love you guys so much and I can't wait to smooch on that sweet baby :)