Friday, May 15, 2009

refried beans...

Refried beans my way... Now!

For as long as I've been serving refried beans,
I would always just grab the can, open it up,
plop 'em in a bowl, microwave and serve.

Well, NO LONGER! No-sirree... not anymore.
For I've got a new way (and maybe this is how you're
supposed to make 'em... maybe I'm just slow???).

First, I melt several tablespoons of butter...

(Ahhhh, butter. Wonderful, creamy, buttery butter.
This is the reason you won't catch me bearing my thighs
for the world to see this summer!)

I make sure my heat is on low!

Second, I grab my can of refried beans... any ol' brand will do!
Believe me, I've tried most all of them... they're all about the same.
But! If you have a preference, then, by all means, use your favorite!

Third, just dump the beans into the melted butter...

and finally, mix well until creamy.
Oh. My.

Oh yeah... and don't forget to add salt and pepper to your liken!

Serve with your favorite Mexican dish!

And don't blame me if your thighs hate you the next day! :)

Have a happy Friday!

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