Saturday, November 7, 2009

cake balls...

Hello blogger friends and blog readers (if I have any left)!
I truly have not dropped off the planet.

As much as I love blogging, I just simply don't have
enough hours in my day to do it as much as I would like.

Yes, it disappoints me... but I have something else
much more precious that occupies my every waking hour!

He'll be a year old in a few weeks... I can't believe it!

Oh, wait! This blog post is titled "cake balls"...
I'm sorry. See what I mean? My every waking hour!

Now lets see... I made these little round cake things last weekend
for my daughter and her friends Halloween party. I posted a few
pics of them on my facebook page and got a huge demand for the recipe.
I tried to explain in a "comment" box, but it's kinda hard without pictures.
Which is what brings me here today... So, here goes!

*Cake Balls*

You're gonna need-

*A box of your favorite cake mix... I like red velvet!
*A can of your favorite frosting (not the whipped kind)... I like cream cheese!
*Almond Bark... there's a pic of it below.

OK... lets make some cake balls!

Open and prepare your cake according to the box directions.

Bake it according to what type of pan you use.
No special tricks here!

Let it cool to room temp.
I use a fork and poke a bunch of holes
in it to help it cool faster.

After it's cooled, take your fork and start
breaking/crumbling the cake until the whole
cakes looks like this.

Take your frosting. Open it.
Take a little taste... just to make sure it's good!

After you preform the "quality taste test",
drop by spoonfuls onto the crumbled cake.

Mix it altogether.

This can take a little bit of gentle hand mixing...

You want it to look like this!

OK... here's trick # 1!

After you get the frosting worked into the cake,
pop it in the freezer on top of the Totino's Pizzas.

Then feed your baby his lunch, give your baby a bath
(because he's now covered in food and has mashed it in his ears),
run the vacuum and take a quick shower yourself!

After about an hour you'll remember you were doing something.

Oh yeah... CAKE BALLS!

Don't panic... it's OK!

Take the cake mixture out of the freezer.

See, it's ok.

Lay down some wax paper.

Trick # 2... Melon Baller!


Transfer to your hands...

And roll into little balls... ahh perfect!

The cake is better to work with when it's cold.

When your hands start looking like this,
the cake is getting too warm and soft.

Time to pop it back in the freezer for about 10 to 15 min.

Ahhh... much better. This is after about 6 or 7 balls.

Keep doing this until you're done.

One box of cake mix will make about 60 to 65 cake balls.

I didn't get a picture of the finished rolled balls.
Something about having to clean up... well, you don't want to know.

After you get all the cake rolled into balls, pop them back in the freezer.
Then, change your baby's, scoop out the cat box, wash your hands, take
a couple of heartburn meds, and dry your hair!

Now, open up the Almond Bark.

Break apart about half of it into a microwave safe bowl.

Melt, stir, melt, stir...

Toss about 3 to 4 cake balls into the melted Almond Bark.

Coat them completely...

You'll have to work at a fast pace before the chocolate sets.
I used two spoons and transferred the cake ball back and forth.

After it's coated, set it on the wax paper.

This might be a good time to sprinkle on
some sprinkles or some kind of decoration.
That is, if you want.

They set up quickly.

YUM... Cake Balls!



Kelly Polizzi said...

these look delicious!

Domestic Witch said...

Thank you for adding your balls!!