Tuesday, February 23, 2010

great blizzard of 2010...

Dallas got more snow today!
Ha Ha Ha... I laugh, only because it was just a little flurries...
NOTHING compared to the "Great Blizzard"!

Twelve days ago Dallas got "some" snow.

I took this shot with my phone on my way to
drop the big kids off at school. The roads weren't bad,
but it was coming down heavy and fast.
It snowed ALL DAY. And by the time 3:30 rolled around
the roads were BAD. Really!
JB had to come home to help me pick up the kids!
I know. I know. I know what you're thinking... "Look at the Indiana
girl turned wimpy". What can I say. Most Texans don't do well with
snow and vehicles. I'm just sayin'.

This was taken with my phone in the afternoon...
I think around 2:00ish.

I forgot to close the umbrella. And, well, um, it didn't make it.

By the time it stopped snowing and all was said and done,
my hood got a whopping 12 inches of snow. Tons of homes
were without power (for days even... I overheard a woman in the
grocery say they went five days without power). The news
reported that it was "the biggest snow fall in a generation".
Schools closed and the kids had a blast. I even saw my
neighbor take her little girl across the street to the hilly
field with a cookie sheet tucked under her arm! How
creative is THAT?!

Here she is standing next to her snowman...

Having fun with her pal, "L"...

Just having a grand ol' time!

The snow was the best kind too... fluffy and heavy.
Great for packing... Awesome for snowball and snowman making!

EVERYONE was out having the time of their lives playing in the snow.

Everyone that is, except me... and my baby.

Now, before you go and judge the snow depriving momma that I am...
even being from Indiana and all, let me explain.

My baby didn't have proper shoes for snow playing. And I'm
a freak about keeping his little piggies warm and dry.
I did however, on several occasion's, take him outside
to let him touch and see the snow...

AND, I even let him do this...

In the warmth of his kitchen!

Hey, I plan on taking him skiing... some day!

Hope you're keeping your piggies warm wherever you are in the world!

Peace and Love

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