Saturday, October 16, 2010

edit addiction...

This is for my fellow photography enthusiasts...
you will be able to appreciate the natural occurrence
that overcomes you to edit-baby-edit, when you view your
images straight out of the camera. It happens to me always.
I can no longer look at a photo without the thought of
how to make it better, cooler, funkier, softer, textured, or pretty.

Don't get me wrong... I love, love, love capturing the images,
but it's the editing that is the most fun. To me, it's like a "blank
canvas", per se, each time.

Here let me show you how fun it can be...

This is a photo of me and my baby taken a couple
of weeks ago at the Arboretum by my homegirl.
We were out there getting some Fall/pumpkin/family
shots of P Pie, because she's turning one very soon,
and of her Uncle (that's my baby boy... ha ha, confused yet?)
because he's turning two next month.

Oh so sorry, we were talking about photography
and editing, not my family tree. I do that sometimes...
get off track.

Now where was I?

Oh yes... This is the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) image.
My homegirl did good with centering us in front of the waterfall.
Although, my camera has a tendency to shoot a little on the dark side.

And what the heck? What was that white fuzzy
thing in my hair? Geez... so typical for me.

First thing was first...
I cropped the image, then removed the white fuzzy thing.

Next, I ran "Lighten Brighten" from Flora Bella's Action Sets...
There, that brightened things up a bit.

Then it was time for "Soft Color Pop from the Flora Bella collections...
This is one of my favorites from the collections but it made
this image a little too yellow. But I know how to fix it...

Pioneer Woman's "Cooler" action from Set 2
does wonders for red and yellow tones...
I use this one a lot. Especially on my food photos
when shooting in unnatural light while cooking after dark.

And lastly, I did a little airbrushing...
just to smooth things out and give a softness to us.

All that took only a couple of minutes.

But I couldn't stop there...

It's an addiction I tell ya.

My name is Rolo and I'm a Photoshop addict.


Barbara Bakes said...

I have not been stopping by nearly enough lately. I love Photoshop too, but I didn't know about the action sets you could download. I need to spend some time getting up to speed! You are both adorable in the pictures!

Lish said...

All this time I was skipping over the Lighten and Brighten. Hey, try the Allure on photos that are outside and still not bright enough. It's GRAND! I LOVE this shot of you and baby boy!!