Tuesday, February 24, 2009

austin valentine...

I know it's been nearly two weeks ago since Valentine's Day...
but I told you I would share all the mushy details, and
dog-gone-it, that's what I'm gonna do!
So here ya go... but don't say I didn't warn ya with all the mushiness...

Austin is about 3 1/2 hours from my doorstep...
and I had the fabulous idea to take the Mini Cooper
down for Valentine's weekend (yes, with baby in tow).
I bet you can sense right now just how mushy it was.

It was a fun little trip.
Baby Jude did wonderfully on the drive down.
We did stop at Dairy Queen for a quick romantic bite,
and to let Jude stretch his little legs.

We arrived Friday afternoon and
with almost no effort, we found our hotel... lol
Do you detect a hint of sarcasm here? You should.

We woke to a LOVELY cloudy, chilly Valentine's Day,
and neither of us had packed anything warm... because
a certain someone (I won't name names here... but it's
the only female on the trip.) looked up the weather and
it said
it was going to be in the 70's. And JB said we needed
to pack light because we could only get "so much" in the Mini.
So, off to Old Navy we went! How enchanting!
After we purchased a few jackets, we headed towards Austin's
East Side, to pick up an old high school/college buddy of JB's.
Oh, did I forget to tell you that JB went to college in Austin?
Well, he did!

This is his shop.
After chit-chatting with JB's buddy's mom and sister
(they were also visiting), we piled in the Cooper and
here... a place that I've been dying to try.
And had I done more research on the place, I would've
known that the wait, on any given day, is 1 1/2 hours.
But that didn't bother us on that dreamy afternoon,
it just gave us more time to savor all the... umm... dreaminess
that was amidst in the air. lol

Later, back at our hotel, this sweet breathed bundle
dictated the rest of our bewitching evening.

lol... the reality of it was, we were so stuffed from eating at The Salt Lick
that neither of us had the energy to go to some "fancy" restaurant
that JB actually had reservations at. All I wanted to do was put on my
pj's, stretch out in the king size bed and snuggle with my two Valentine's.
Now that's romantic don't you agree?

And let me just say: It's really hard to be "romantic" with your sweetheart
when you have a two month old between you. Baby Jude doesn't care
what date the calendar said it is.
And I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not even sure that JB got a Valentine's kiss.

But I do know that we had a good time.
Here are a few random pictures that I
did manage to get... I'm also embarrassed
to say that I didn't get many.

I like this one of JB.

On Sunday (which was a much more beautiful day),
JB took me downtown so I could get some pics
of our state capitol...

And about 5 minutes after I took this picture
baby Jude spit up all over me!
Lovely it was, I tell ya! Just LOVELY!
So, that was pretty much it for me... the icing on
our Dreamy-Austin-Valentine-Get-Away-Cake.
I packed up my camera, wiped myself off and we
headed for home.

And I'm pretty sure this is what lil' guy thought of the whole escapade!

Next year, we'll probably just stay home!



alicia said...

You guys need to plan a trip to Indy when u come up for Megan's wedding and I will keep the baby for you that night. THEN, you can post some steamy blog news!!!! I hear it's easier to be romantic without a baby between you and your lover. LOL LOL j.k.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Jude is getting big so quick. Nice getaway for Valentine's weekend. Thanks fir sharing!