Monday, March 22, 2010

buddy loves jude...

Happy Monday and Happy third day of Spring!

So far, Spring has started out fairly well for me.
Lets see...
First, Dallas got about 5 inches of snow! Crazy right? Tell me about it!
It's all melted and gone forever now... but it was the craziest thing!

Second, on this gorgeous Monday morning, our dumb little dog (and I say
that in the most endearing way... I think) pooped on my living room rug.
Just bold faced, looked right at me, and pooped... her dumb little tootsie
roll poops! I could not believe it! Then she ran and put herself in her kennel!
Dumb, I tell ya! ;)

Then... or Third, Buddy (our bigger dog) tracked in mud all over my kitchen rug!

Forth, A particular husband, left the level propped up against the vacuum in the closet
and when I reached in and grabbed the vacuum out the heavy, metal level came
crashing down across my bare toes! OUCH! Dang husband!

Fifth, Baby boy took his poopy diaper off in his crib... and well, you know! UGH!

Then I put baby boy down for his nap after his bath of course, had me some of that
Laughing Cow cheese, and looked at these pictures I took last summer of Buddy
and my baby boy...

They're sure to brighten anyone's day

I know they just did mine.

Hope they did yours too... I'm just here to help.



Angie said...

You always make me smile, poop and all!

Alicia said...

LOL, u know when Jude gets older he's gonna see these photos and go: ewwww, did u have to let him lick me RIGHT in the mouth? LOL LOL
Which u will respond, u were a baby and it was soo cute. LOL
Happy Monday!!

tgscott said...

man, rolo!!!!you're the perfect woman....! poop & more poop & funk....and you just rise above! I would have at least made randall listen to the rant when he got home (with full eyeball attention!) before i calmed down!!! Pics are waayyyy cute.