Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the 1st & 15th...

No, I'm talking about pay days... although, those are good days.

I'm talking about (yes again) the first and fifteenth days of my 24-Day Challenge.

I know you all are interested in my progress and to see how I look.
I really wanted to avoid posting any more of my "first day" pics,
but I feel that because of some of the non-believers or nay-sayers
out there, it's important that they see my true progress...
aside from me being in a swim suit.  And I wouldn't do that to ya!
For anyone that knows me, when I find something that really
works or that I love I want to share it.

Let me say, I absolutely hate the first two photos here...
not only because of the way I looked, but also for the way I felt.
They were taken on Day 1 while my second born homegirl
and I were out on a long walk.
 It was like 90 degrees here in Dallas
at that very moment and I felt bloated, sluggish, and gross.
But by the end of the walk, I was red-faced, out of breath and sweaty...
but I was feeling pretty darn good.
This is the one I loath the most.
Please forget you ever saw it.
Thank you.

Let's just move...
And here I am yesterday morning in my kitchen on Day 15.
Ahh, much better.  And I was (and still am) feeling pretty darn great too.

Aside from my everyday ordinary activities of keeping house
and chasing after a 2 year old, I've only been on several long walks...
I've had no other form of "real" exercise.

Although, I'm about to hit the gym to try to
lose more and tone up some flab.
I may never be able to get rid of my belly jiggle or bulge
and I'm ok with that... after all, I am a realist.
I've carried five babies in my belly and I'm perfectly
content with forever wearing a tankini!

So, there you are... my results so far on the 24-Day Challenge.
It's been an eye-opening, lifetime change for me.
More importantly than weighing a certain amount or being
a certain dress size, is how I feel.  And I feel 100% better, healthier,
cleaner, and have more energy!
No piece of chocolate, soda or stick of butter has ever done THAT for me!


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