Wednesday, December 3, 2008

one week...

A lot can happen in one week...

You can bring a new baby home...
who, by the way, hates the flash on your camera.

You can worry yourself silly about his jaundice,
constantly hanging out by the windows and doors
trying to see if he's still yellow or not.

You can fall so deeply, madly in love with this tiny human
that all you want to do is hold him, stare at him
and smell him... forgetting about your own
appearance or even to brush your teeth.

If you do happen to put the baby down for a moment,
or let his daddy hold him, stare at him or even smell him for a second
you might find that your camera or video recorder takes his place... and if
daddy refuses to hand him back over you might have a moment to
play around with Photoshop... or brush your teeth!

Daddy could even play a few songs for him.

If you can somehow put the new baby down while he's sleeping
you might be able to cook your hubby's favorite (ribs) for his birthday.

And have cake too!

Your new one could even pee all over daddy's belly
right after this photo... must have been the flash!

And after you help get daddy and baby cleaned up,
you might have a little time to edit some of your photos
for birth announcements.

And at the end of the first week with your newborn
you might find yourself tearing up with amazement
that he's already turning his head to the sound of your voice
and trying with all his little might to hold his head up.
Oh, they grow up so fast!


Amy said...

He's perfect...absolutely perfect :)

Katherine Aucoin said...

Aww Ralonda! Congratulations! He's absolutely beautiful.

Jen said...

How could he be so big and grown up in just one week??? I must hold this baby soon!!!