Monday, December 29, 2008

my holiday...

Hello All... I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!
Even though mine was stressful and exhausting trying to juggle a fussy one month old
and keep the holiday spirit, it was a good one... but I'm glad it's over.
I even took the tree down yesterday... and I'm usually one of those
who leave it up throughout the New Year celebrations.
I don't have a lot to say or even a good recipe to share (didn't do any holiday baking
or cooking this year) but
wanted to share some photos with y'all.
A few nights before Christmas we got together with JB's family to celebrate
the holiday,
as well as, JB's moms birthday... it's on the 21st.

Here's JB's oldest brother, Mike, with his youngest son.

JB's mom (we call her Momma B) with her new hubby, Jim.
Here's Jason... He's the oldest son of Jeff. JB's other older brother.

Here's Jeff with his wife, Elaine, and their youngest.

This is Brittney. She's the daughter of Mike.
Her and Billy are expecting their second baby due next month... it's a boy!

This is Brittney and Billy's little girl... isn't she adorable!

This year we got together at a nearby Italian restaurant...
it wasn't far from my home which made it nice for travel with baby Jude.

On Christmas Eve, after several hours of shopping and traffic
we came home to find this on our door step.

Our good friends who live in Chicago sent this to us.
They are originally from Kansas City.
JB had helped them out with some computer issues over the phone.

And this is how they thanked us... Thanks guys! That was mighty fine of y'all...
and it was a nice treat to not have to worry about dinner on Christmas Eve.

Baby Jude waiting on Santa...

Christmas morning!
It's the hat!

All better.

This is the jacket Haley bugged me about every day for two weeks...

Since we did most of shopping online this year,
she didn't think we ordered it before they ran out of her size.

The boots and the jacket were the big things she asked for...

I'm guessing she was happy she got them.

Now for a few unexpected gifts...

A few things the whole family can enjoy.

I love this smile!

My Rock Stars!

Haley gettin' some love from Mae Belle... ewwww!

I finally caught a smile!

Lil' Christmas Angel.

JB couldn't resist being a rock star too!

Mae Belle after lovin' on Haley...
I'll tell you why I think it's "ewwww" at a later date.

Then Kacie came over for presents and
breakfast and hung out most of the day.

I caught my lil' neighbor riding her new bike that Santa brought.
She even took her new baby on a ride!

After presents and some singing it was time for the best part... mimosa's!

And a little breakfast!

Well, thanks for stopping by.
I'll be taking the rest of this holiday break to
hopefully get some much needed rest.

Much Love,


Barbara Bakes said...

You have a beautiful family!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Glad you had a beautiful Christmas. You have a lovely family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Kacie looks SOOOO much like you at this age!!! lol She certainly is beautiful!!!!