Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow day...

The other day we got snow and freezing rain here in Dallas.

And although it was just a dusting, it was enough to wreak havoc on our major freeways...

and cause a lot of delays and school closings.

This doesn't happen very often in Dallas, but when it does it's a big deal.

I'm one of those that doesn't leave the house.
Even if school is open, I usually let my kiddos stay home and have a "snow day"... because it doesn't happen very often.

See, I grew up in Indiana and I remember the snow. Oh how I miss the snow.
I also remember that it had to be a blizzard for school to be closed,
because people knew how to get out and drive in the stuff...
and if you could get out, then you could drive, go to work and go to school.

And that's the difference between getting snow in Texas and in Indiana... people can't drive in the stuff down here... it's actually pretty scary.
I have to giggle about it every time.
But you can bet I'm giggling in the safety of my home!

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alicia said...

Hello, I am one of Ralonda's who lives in Indiana and we have had some snow but nothing compared to what is due. We are under a winter storm advisory until tomorrow morning. The storm we are expecting is the same storm that dumped 6 feet of snow in Wisconsin and yes she's right,we all must go to school and work even in the snow. We do however get a two hour school delay in the mornings. So see not so bad after all. lol