Tuesday, March 24, 2009

change of plan...

Sleep deprivation is a cruel, cruel thing.

My plan, when I found out we were expecting,
and after the morning sickness dissipated and I could regain
my normal thinking, was to be a "greener" mom.

I mean, I was already somewhat "green" to begin with...
I just wanted to be "greener".

So, it was only natural for me to research
and start buying cloth diapers.

Only to be hit with the reality of the cost of these suckers.
I was going to have to test them out before purchasing
the lot for baby Jude's diaper career.

Famous last words:
"I'll only use disposables for the first few months or so,
then I'll switch to cloth!"

ummm... yeah!

Then I discovered something...

Disposable diapers are different from what I remembered twelve years ago.

They're cloth like... soft!

Not as bulky as either.
They certainly fit in my purse better for a
quick errand away from the house...
and, if we do have an accident, I can just toss it!

In fact, today's disposable diapers ARE more earth friendly!

My husband likes the disposable diapers best!

My recent ad on Craigslist read:
"Sleep deprived mom decided not to go with cloth... I'm sticking with Pampers!"
"I barely have time to do my own laundry, let alone diapers too!"

I sold them to the first bidder!



Katherine Aucoin said...

It's been about 12 or years since I've change diapers too and I didn't have a problem with disposals then and I know I would have a problem with them now. When I think of all the laundry and then add diapers to the mix, I have nothing negative to say about your decision.

alicia said...

you are so cute!!! I just love how you come up with ideas to do your blogs on and I love the pics you take to go with them You are talented in this area!!! Very good at it. Like short story stelling or something. IDK....but it's just really good!!!