Wednesday, January 13, 2010

guitar pickin'...

Because it's Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hump day.
Because I realize my grammar and punctuation make no sense...
but that's ok, because I don't make sense most of the time.

Because the new year is still, well, NEW.

Because my man has been sick at home for the past two days...
and you know he's not feeling well if he ignores his guitar.

Because I got some extremely lovely compliments from several
random people about JB already this week.

I would just like to say...
I love my guitar pickin' man.

That's it. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Oh, and maybe because I just realized Valentine's Day is a month away!

hee hee hee

Hey, what can I say... HE always gives me the best Valentine's Day gifts!
Although, last years might be a little hard to beat.

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