Thursday, January 1, 2009

unopened bubbly and no kisses...

First let me say,
Happy New Year
to my dear friends and family
and everyone else who takes
the time to visit my blog.
I hope 2009 is filled with good
health and lots of happiness!

Next, let me apologize to my patient and loving husband
for falling asleep just before midnight.

You see, this is our fifth New Years together and the only one
that we didn't "ring in" together. He said he even tried to wake me.
And later, when I was up for, I think the 2 AM feeding,
he made an effort to wake up enough to tell me
Happy New Year, give me a kiss and tell me he loved me.

We opened the champagne this morning.

As for the hours leading up to me falling asleep "early"...

Our newlywed friends stopped by

with their new margarita machine!

And JB broke out the Patron.

And yes, they were good!

And the partying got a little out of hand WooHoo!...

Not really. lol

After our adorable friends shared their wealth, they quickly realized that
ringing in the new year with a five week old and his sleep deprived parents
wasn't their best option... So they packed up and moved on down the road.

No really, it was nice of them to stop by... Thanks Guys!
We look forward to cranking up the margarita machine
(and watching the little sharks light up) at another date...
or maybe even meeting up for some Matts!

After they hit the road, JB and I went for some
take home sushi from our favorite sushi dive.
We were so hungry we didn't even take the time
to put it on a plate.

Tempura roll... heavenly.

Afterwards, I helped myself to a little Haagen-Dazs.
Hey, I felt like I deserved it... after all, I did give birth to an
8 pound 11 ounce bouncing baby boy in 2008!
I'll worry about those extra calories next week (after my six week check up).

So, combine me having a margarita and a little rocky road
with my sleep deprivation, it's no wonder I zonked out right before midnight.

I usually don't make new years resolutions but,
this year I resolve to stay up to bring in 2010!
Enjoy your day... be sure to eat some black eyed peas!

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Katherine Aucoin said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year! Happy New Year to you Rolonda!