Sunday, April 11, 2010

caramelized onion & blue cheese sauce...

Now that Old Man Winter has finally left the building and
grill season is in full swing, you've got to give this sauce a try
next time you're grilling burgers or steaks.
I mean, you've got to.
You simply must.
No excuses.
You'll be glad you did.
And your taste buds will sing and thank you.
Your thighs... um, well, maybe not so much.
But what they don't know won't hurt them... right?

OK, lets make this wonderful goodness...

You're gonna need an onion (yellow is best), cream, and blue cheese.

Slice your onion... not too thin, not too thick.
Heat up a little olive oil and about a pat of butter in your pan.
Throw in your onions with a little salt and pepper.
Caramelize the onions... I don't know about you, but I could
just devour these right now! They smell soooooo good!

After they look about right, turn your heat to low.

Add in the cream... I'd say about 1/2 to 3/4 cup.

Then, the blue cheese... about 1/4 cup.
Give it a little stir.

Add a little more fresh ground pepper if you have it
and let it simmer for just a minute or two.
Just until most of the cheese melts nicely.

Now go ahead and put a spoonful on your plate and top
with your burger, then add more on top.
I skipped the bun... but that doesn't mean you have too.

Oh my word. Groovy man. Like totally. For sure.

Give it a try!
Just don't tell your thighs.


Oh, and in case you've been wondering why I've been signing off
as "Rolo" lately... well, that's my nickname. It's been my nickname
since I was like 12. I'll be sharing more on that with you soon.

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