Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dress shopping...

This is the dress.
This is it people.

ha ha ha... No, just joking.
This isn't the dress my homegirl chose to wear to Homecoming.
But you have to agree, it's a pretty snazzy dress huh?

Remember I said we called in all forces.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 were lots of help.
They picked 'em and homegirl carried.

They'd say, "How 'bout this one homegirl"...
and homegirl would agree to try it on.

Even P Pie had some comments to make.

Really she was saying, "Hey mom, take me to sit in the big fancy chair"...
"YaaaaaaY", she says.

A perfectly poised princess.

Oh look, they saw the camera.

And there they go...

Dress 1.
Cute. Black.

Dress 2.
Colorful. Funky.

While we waited in between try ons
P Pie showed us her standing skills...

Then she went back to gotta-get-somewhere-fast skill.
Hey, she's got places to go and people to see.

Dress four.
Shiny. Pretty.

Dress five.
Cool. Fun. Flirty.

Dress six.
Pretty color. Delicate detail.
The lady who was helping us/her said she
looks like a little dolly in this dress.

Dress seven.
Well, who in tarnation can go shopping
with homegirl legs over there...
What dress?

Ok... dress seven.
Pretty. Champagne in color.

Dress eight.
Pretty color. Pretty detailing.
Super low cut in front and sides. Cool crisscross back.
Homegirl didn't keep it on for very long.

Dress nine.
Pretty blue. Flowy.

There were a few other that weren't even
worthy of a try on.

So, what's your vote?
Which one do you think my baby freshman homegirl chose
to wear to her very first formal dance?

I'll give you a little hint...

It wasn't this one.

Stayed tuned... a couple of weeks is the big day.
Peace out...

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lish said...

ummmm, what happened to dress number three? LMAO! I like the blue one with all the detailing.