Tuesday, September 28, 2010

some facts...

I thought I'd share a few fun facts with you
on this lovely Tuesday.
"Why"? Because I like you...
and blogging about nothing or nonsense helps relieve stress.
Not that I'm stressed or anything.

So, here ya go...

1. I got up just before 4 AM today.

2. It's spirit week this week for my homies
for Homecoming, and today is "Western Day".

3. I will take my baby to the Dr. today for his "well" check...
I'm pretty sure he'll get a few immunizations...
and I'm pretty sure he'll cry... maybe even scream.

4. I should be editing photos instead of blogging.

5. I agonized over paint this past weekend.

6. The sprinklers are watering my lawn right now.

7. One month ago today I turned 41.

8. I spent my birthday weekend agonizing over faucets.

9. I'm in love with Olay products.

10. But just a little.
Hey, I need all the help I can get.

11. I had a sun spot removed over the summer.

12. Did I say that I'm in love with Olay products?
Well, this one is my new favorite.

13. I apply it at least three times a day.

14. I don't obsess much.

15. I want to make these soon... very soon.

16. My coffee is ready now...
Have a great day!



alicia said...

I use alot of Olay too. I have to be careful what I use because just anout anything will make my eyes water and turn red and it's agonizing. I have tried everything, including the expensive stuff from Estee Lauder, clinique, Mary kay,and anything ele that macy's had. Olay makes my face feel soooo soft and my eyes dont water. But, what are those two tubes that aren't olay?

alicia said...

I forgot to tell you to try their micro dermabrasion kit, it will make ur skin feel like a babys bottom!