Saturday, July 19, 2008

girls night...

A chick flick, the new issue of Rachael Ray and a little bit of heaven.
That's what a pregnant lady enjoys when her hubby goes out for the night.
Now, it's not a common occurrence that my husband leave me for a night of frolic, but tonight is special. Tonight is his nephews "man party"... aka: Bachelor Party. He's getting married next weekend.
So, this is what I look forward to when I have an evening (and the remote) to myself.

First things first... I kissed JB and told him to have a good time.

Then, I ran back inside and gathered my necessities.

See, make-up isn't even required for an evening like this.

I even invited Haley and Mae Belle.

Wait a second... did you see that?

Pure heaven, I tell ya.



1 comment:

Amy said...

yumm...I love fave is the white chocolate w was the movie? I got my new RRay mag yesterday, too! :) Hope you had a good night! Love ya!