Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Theron!

Fifteen years ago today my little boy entered the world. Where did the time go?

My Little Boy
I remember when you were my little boy,
An extension of my very being.
My every waking moment belonged to you.
One evening when I called you to supper,
You came to the table all grown up.
Where did all the in between go?
Too soon I was to let you go.
Now, I shall always call you "my son"
But in my heart...
you'll always be my little boy.

2 months

1st Birthday in Estes Park, Colorado.

2 years, playing in mommy's make-up

2 years (almost 3), Meeting "Bobby YaYa" for the first time.

3 years

4 years, "Cat Boy" Meow!

7 years, Playing Bingo at the Second Grade Valentine's Party.

8 years

At his 9th Birthday Party.

11 years (almost 12) Hanging out with big sis, Kacie at the lake.

With mom and her van!

With his best bud, Jackson, in my van.

12 (almost 13) years.

14 years, Being silly with lil' sis, Haley.

14 years, Hanging at the water park with his best bud, Jackson.

Showing off all his hard work with lil' sis.

Happy Birthday My Son.

I Love You.

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Amy said...

awww...that was precious, Ralonda! Happy Birthday, Theron!! :)