Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one year ago...

One year ago, this past Sunday (July 27, 2007 to be exact), I married my green-eyed best friend and lover. The one that I wanted to find. The one who "gets me". The one who loves me for me. My rock upon which I stand (A Coldplay song called "Green-Eyes" describes it perfectly).
And you know that old saying, "Time flies when you're having fun"?... Well, it does. Has it really been a year already? It seems just like the other day we were playing on the beach with our best friends, soaking up the sun, eating fish tacos and having the best time. Lots of wonderful memories I will never forget.
Looking back at our first year of marriage, I have to say that it was, to say the least, blissful. It was relatively uneventful (for a blended family), except for the tiny occurrence of expecting a baby. "The fruit of our love"... A way I heard it described this past weekend at a wedding ceremony we attended. And just seconds after processing what I had just heard it made me want to have lots of fruit with this man... hmmm...
Ok, all fruit thinking aside. I spent the rest of this past weekend reminiscing about the lovely, magical moments in time that we shared with our closest friends becoming husband and wife and family.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from a year ago...

Happily Married,


Amy said...

Fun times!!

Happy Anniversary Ralonda and Jon!!

Love you!

Alicia said...

Absolutely LOVE these pics!!!! you should post them on FB. Haley has gotten soooo BIG, she's growing up sooo fast!!!! Happy Anniversary!
Love Lish~~