Sunday, September 28, 2008

fall is here...

Autumn is my favorite time of year with October being my favorite month. I absolutely love the cooler temps and the saturation of warmer colors. But living here in the "Big D", for the most part, it's still HOT, which makes getting out and enjoying the new season a bit uncomfortable... especially for an eight-plus month pregnant lady. If we do happen to get a break in the weather and it dips, say below, ninety degrees, people are out in full force... even me. Like last Friday for instance... my good friend, Amy, was headed to the Dallas Arboretum with her kiddos and invited us along. I eagerly accepted the invite and thought it would be a great opportunity to finally blow the dust off my new camera and actually take some pictures with it.

How cool is this... I was in pumpkin and gourd heaven.

Besides getting lots of shots of pumpkins, gourds and flowers, I also used Haley as a subject... she enjoyed that!

Here is Amy's youngest, Tommy... err, I mean, "Super Tommy". He had a blast conquering the mountainous hay bales and pumpkin jungle.

Here is the view of White Rock Lake. I love living near the lake. My next picture excursion will be of the lake. I'm just waiting until it gets a tad bit cooler.

I just love paths like this.

Here are a few up close shots using my powerful zoom lens... this lens really intimidates me.

Haley is now enjoying a refreshing treat near the water frogs.

And one last one of me and my baby girl. What a fun time we had... Thanks Amy!

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