Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lasagna Rolls... yum!

Love Lasagna? Love Spaghetti? Love Pasta and cheese sauce? Or just love the Italian cuisine in general. Well, over here at my house I have a certain 12 year old girl who loves, loves, loves anything with pasta, a red meat sauce and bubbly hot cheese. Did I say she LOVES it? I can make almost anything with those three ingredients and she'll do flips in the kitchen and tell me that I'm the "best mommy ever"! It's true.
Last night I made these...
Lasagna Rolls... and that certain 12 year old girl, who by the way is as skinny as a rail, had two helpings!
They were actually fun to make and pretty easy. Easy is the key word here for me, given my physical state, with my ever expanding belly and swollen feet.
*Please Note... I did change, or well, added, a couple of ingredients that JB said, "made" the dish.
I mixed together in a separate bowl 8 ounces of Ricotta Cheese with a couple of handfuls of grated Parmesan Cheese. I then spread about a tablespoon onto each Lasanga noodle before adding the meat sauce and then sprinkled with more Parmesean Cheese before rolling up. Yum! Come to think of it, you could play around with other ingredients as well... like, chicken, spinich and a white cream sauce. Well, maybe you could get away with that at your house. I'm not so sure that certain 12 year old girl would do quite as many flips if I were to serve it that way over here.

So, give 'em a try for something different in place of "Spaghetti Night"... they'll be a hit, I promise!


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alicia said...

I was going to make my same ol' lasagna recipe when I happened upon your Lasagna Roll rec. I think I will give it a whirl tonit. Will let you know what the survey says....xoxo