Tuesday, September 30, 2008

creamed spinach...

I've been crunching on a lot of ice lately... and little did I know, that that's (among many other things) a symptom of anemia in third trimester pregnancy. Really, it is! I thought, when an acquaintance recently informed me of it, was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. I mean, really... Craving ice during late pregnancy is a symptom of anemia? So, the next day, as I was chomping on some ice, I decided to do a Google search on the subject, just for fun... and lo and behold, IT'S TRUE! Who would've thought.
So, after I became enlightened, I decided that chomping on ice for the next eight weeks probably wouldn't be too good for my teeth and sought out ways to incorporate more iron in my diet. Spinach seemed to be the quickest and easiest fix for the moment... and it just so happens that Pioneer Woman had a yummy recipe just calling my name.

That night JB and I made a fabulous dinner of steak, mashed potatoes and yes, PW's Creamed Spinach... and oh, was it ever so delicious. My only complaint was that I didn't make enough. I probably could have had just that alone for dinner... hmm, maybe I am low on iron. Mental note, bring it up to my Dr. this week during my appointment. Just thinking about it now makes me want some more. The sauce was so light and creamy and it complimented the steak nicely. In fact, JB was wondering if he should make a gravy or sauce for the steak, but decided against it, as we were starving. It ended up being a good call on our stomach's behalf because had we had a special steak gravy for dipping we would've never known how well the cream from the spinach tasted with the steak. Heavenly I tell ya... just Heavenly.

So, if you like spinach, or need to add more iron to your diet, make PW's Creamed Spinach tonight! You'll be glad you did.


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