Friday, September 19, 2008

grow baby grow...

So, I went back to the Dr. yesterday... I'm right at 31 weeks now, which translates to 8 months! Wow! I have now begun my every two week visits... fun. And we won't talk about my weight gain right now ok... ok.
We had another sonogram done to take a peek and make sure everything is groovin' right along the way it should be. And it is. Just look at how much baby "J" has grown since our last peek at him 3 months ago.

Here he is back at 17 weeks. He didn't even weight a pound yet.

Now he weighs almost 4 pounds! The Dr. is expecting him to more than double in size in the next 9 weeks... That will give us an 8 to 9 pound bouncing baby boy!

Here's his lil' face... he looks like his Daddy.

So, keep growin' lil' guy and we'll see you again soon.


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Angie said...

He's just perfect!