Monday, January 19, 2009

put 'em up...

Watching each developmental phase is fun and exciting.

Last week baby Jude discovered he has a fist.

He also started smiling at us.

Hmmm... I detect a hint of his Daddy's orneriness in there.

He's still a little jerky with his movements.

And he favors his right side.

But with a little determination he can hold it steady
for a little bit.

He will look at it morning,


and night.

What a smart boy he is!




alicia said...

How cute!!! I am living vicariously through you. And I love allll the cute pics of the baby. Keep'em coming...

Katherine Aucoin said...

He is such a cutie Rolonda! Jude looks like he's such a good and happy baby.

Barbara Bakes said...

He's so beautiful! How fun!