Sunday, January 25, 2009

two months...

Our little guy is two months old today.

Pardon me while I interrupt your Sunday, as you know it,
to pause for a moment to reminisce...

It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital
and he was under the Bili Blankets to treat his jaundice.
I hated that.

The day after we came home from the hospital I
lucked out with this shot... we used it for our announcements.
Our peaceful little angel.

Four days old and the jaundice was still hanging around.

He's one week here, all better and ready to see the world!

Two weeks.
He outgrew this outfit so fast... it's going in the "save" box.

Here he was with big brother and sister all dressed
and ready for an outing at Build A Bear... they made
him his first bear for Christmas! I'll post a pic later.

Christmas Day... one month.

Six weeks and a bad case of baby acne.
It reared it's ugly head around five weeks
and is just now clearing up...

it was bad.
Poor lil' guy.

Seven weeks... he discovered his fist
and gave us his first smiles.

The other night at the eight week mark
hanging with dad.

And today at exactly two months.

Look at that sweet face!
He's even sick here... he caught the head cold
that JB and I had last week.
He is getting so chunky.
He's cooing at us now too... I'll post a video soon!

Please bare with me...
this phase should only last for the next eighteen years!
Until then, you can go about enjoying the rest of your weekend!



sarahrcooper said...

Oh I love him! I want to pinch his cheeks! I thought he was on a shoulder in the first pic...beautiful. He looks like such a happy baby! Meghan had the newborn acne too, baby phisoderm helps, if they still have it. I dont think that little chunck will fit anything I have by the time I see him, cant believe hes 2 mths old:(

Amy said...

I just wanna scoop him up and give him squishy hugs and kisses :)