Monday, May 24, 2010

hangin' out...

Hangin' out in the back yard the other evening,
I noticed the light was great and my baby was wearing
a super fun and colorful shirt for shooting...
So, I went for my camera and pointed it in his direction.
And this is what he immediately did.
*Sigh*... really baby? "Come on", "Give your momma a smile".

I tried to put a little distance between us... didn't work.

So, I shot the dog instead.
Hee hee hee... that sounded funny.

Then I figured I'd just follow him around...
Annoying him by putting the camera in his face.
Eventually, he'd have to give me something... right?!

Oh, look what he found in his little car... the dog's toy.

Oh, and look who just noticed.

Oh, and did you notice he just shut the door on his car?
He's so smart.

"Baby!", "Baby!", "Look here Baby!"...

If he were the dog I'd say "treat"!

Geez... blurry even.

Oh, have I told you that my baby boy has had two hair cuts already?
He still has plenty of curls.
I was just afraid people would start calling him "Judy".

Ahhhhh... success!
Guess my little plan worked!
Good thing I had my camera pointed his way...

Because that was all he gave me.

Then it was back to "boy" stuff

And I went back to shooting random stuff...
I thought this was neat.
Hey, what can I say.


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