Friday, May 28, 2010

pepper barbecue brisket...

This is it folks. This is the brisket you all need in your life.
One bite and you'll agree...
It's gratifying. It's spicy. It's satisfying. It's savory.
And the best part is, it's so easy it's ridiculous.
It's made in the crockpot!

So, if you're hanging out with friends at the lake or campground...
make this and your friends will love you forever. They will
also call and beg for the recipe.
Or, if you're getting together with family for a reunion...
make this and your family will love your forever. They too
will call and beg for the recipe.
Or, if you're just hanging around your casa doing some yard work
or cleaning out your closet...
then you need to make this, call your friends up and invite them over.
Yard work and closet cleaning is overrated man!

It's a holiday weekend... Eat, drink and have fun!

Ok, lets make this thing.

You're gonna need...

*About 2 to 3 pounds of beef... brisket or chuck roast work beautifully.
*1 medium onion, sliced... if you're not a fan of onions, just leave 'em out.
*1 can crushed tomatoes
*1 jar Peperoncini's
*1 can beef consomme
*1 jar of Stubbs Bar-B-Q Sauce...
you can use whatever barbecue sauce
you like. Stubbs just happens to be our favorite.

Okay, first things first... Searing the meat.
You can totally skip this first part if
you don't have time. I've made it both ways and really can't
tell the difference either way.

Start by heating up some olive oil and butter in your skillet.

Place your brisket or roast in...

And season the heck out of it with salt, pepper, garlic powder,
whatever floats your boat.

Cook on both sides for about five minutes or so, until brown.

Meanwhile, slice up your onion and toss it in your crockpot.

Add the can of crushed tomatoes.

The jar of peperoncini's... Oh. Yum.
One of the little known joys of life right here.
So many uses for these babies and I've only just begun.

Next, add the can of beef consomme.

And finally, about 3/4 of the jar of the good stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot... If you're like me (lover of wine), go ahead
and give a good dousing of red wine. It's ok, I won't tell.

Stir it real good... real good. *In my best Southern accent*

Place the brisket or roast in the crockpot bath of heaven.
"Heaven" to the meat... not me. Well, I wouldn't want to sit in
a bath like that. I just want to eat it.

Now comes the super easy part... Put the lid on and walk away.

Oh, don't forget to turn the crockpot ON... set it on high for about
5 hours... then, down to low until you're ready to experience
the best Pepper Barbecue Brisket you've every tasted.

Serve it with skillet potatoes, fresh tomatoes and corn muffins.

I promise, you will likey.

Next week I'll show you what you can use the left over
brisket or roast for...
or, you could make it especially for this.

Happy Memorial Day... Remember.


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