Tuesday, June 1, 2010

texas style grilled cheese...

Hey Friends!
Did y'all enjoy that
Pepper Brisket the other day?
I know I did.
I realize you might not have any leftovers around... BUT, just in
case you do, you're gonna want to make this...

Oh Baby!
A "real" Texas Style Grilled Cheese Sandwich!
Now we're talkin'.

I've even been known to make the brisket just for this sandwich.
You can make it with Texas Toast, Hoagies, Buns... whatever
your favorite sandwich bread is, just as long as it's not puny.
Puny bread won't stand a chance.

Ok, so, go grab your leftover meat from your fridge
and lets make this thing...

Heat your meat up in a skillet.
You could even add more barbecue sauce if you want.

Saute up some sliced onions.
Heaven help me.

Have your Texas Toast ready... or whatever your favorite
sandwich bread might be.

Your favorite sliced cheese... I chose this. ;)

And, a little mustard sauce.
Oh. So. Good.

Ok... I'm sure you know this drill.

Place the bread, butter side down, in your hot pan
and lay on a slice of cheese.
Please excuse my pan... it's old. You know, the kind of pan
that your grandmother has. It's well seasoned and
she uses it for everything from sauteing onions, to making
scrambled eggs to making grilled cheese. It's a great little pan...
it's one of my favorites.

Now, pile on the meat... Pile it on good.

Remember those onions you sauteed?
Add them on now... yum.

Squirt a little, or a lot, of the mustard sauce on.

Top with another slice of cheese.

Add the second piece of bread and cook.
Will you look at that. See how the cheese is already melting?

Don't get too caught up in your drooling and forget to flip it over.

*Double Drool*


And there you have it. Now if you'll excuse me,
I'm gonna finish this last bite and faint all over again.

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