Wednesday, August 18, 2010


On our last night in Port A, which was three weeks and one
day ago now, we took the family on a sunset dolphin cruise.

Where we met Billy (I'm pretty sure that was his name),
the first mate, aboard the Mustang out of Woody's.

Billy is a pretty cool guy.
He told us stories... one in particular of
how he came to be missing an eye and half of
one of his first fingers.

And here's the reason why...
They caught a shark and the sucker's
tail came around and whacked Billy in the eye
and made it fall out. Then, it bit his finger half off.
So, Billy decided he would keep the sucker's jaws!
Wow! What a story.

Billy also gave us a crash course in Marine Biology...
but how could you focus on what he was saying
after the story he just told while looking at his eye.

Ahhh... I do remember he said this was a blue crab.
Of course, the fact that it's blue didn't matter one bit. ;)
Oh, and check out his missing finger... he had a face tattooed on it!

And this one here is a female... you know how I remembered that?

Because she's expecting... as in baby crabs.

She was shy.

Baby boy was captivated by it all...

And then he showed me how he really felt.

I hope you're enjoying your week.
We've got some exciting things happening around mi casa...
I'll share details with you soon.

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Lish said...

Ok, Billy is a HOOT! And that crab is a Blue Dungeness crab. And U should swiped it from him cause they are DEEE~LISH!!! LOLLOL
I say we MOVE to Por A, waddaya say?