Monday, August 9, 2010

lemon blueberry cream pie...

It's hot here in Dallas.
I mean, like it's sweltering, oven like, blistering, fiery,
scorching, roasting, blazing... it's just plain HOT!
And just when I think I can't take it anymore, we
head into another long week of triple digit dog days.

Is there such a thing as hibernating in the Summer?
Or how 'bout just hibernating for the month of August...
ha, I could miss my birthday and never grow old!
Ahhh, yes, that sounds delightful... I could fill up on ice cream
sandwiches and sleep for the month of August.
Okay, goodnight and bye!
Oh wait! Speaking of "delightful"... I wanted to share this
cool and creamy treat with you. Then it's off to find a
dark cave stocked full of those black and white frozen things.

This pie is all things yummy.
And, it requires no baking or sweating... Perfect if you live in Hades.

And, if you're not a lover of lemon and blueberries,
then you can whip up any variation.
For example; chocolate or vanilla pudding with raspberry yogurt
and fresh raspberries in an Oreo cookie crust.
Vanilla pudding with peach yogurt and fresh peaches in graham cracker crust.
The possibilities are endless.

Lets start with about 1/2 cup fresh blueberries... smushed with a fork.

Grab your pie filling (only one box will do) and dump it into a mixing bowl.

Open the yogurt and dump that in with the pie filling.
Now, whisk together until blended.

Like this.

Then, pour in 1 cup heavy cream and whisk again.

Now, dump in the blueberries...

and gently fold them in.

Pour into your pie crust.

Pop it into your freezer for about an hour...

and enjoy.

I'll go hibernate now... see y'all next month!

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