Wednesday, August 11, 2010

why port a...

From the ferry ride over, this Texas coast town is full of charm.
It's quaint and friendly, sleepy and spunky.
This little fishing town is everything we love about a beach getaway.

JB grew up vacationing here with his family. It's a place
that holds a lot of fond memories for him.

He introduced me to Port Aransas back in 2005 and
I absolutely fell head over heels for it too.
How could anyone not?

So naturally, in 2007 when we decided to get hitched,
it was the only place for us to do so.

Since 1833 Port A has been known as a fishing town where
the wild mustangs run free on Mustang Island...
however, they no longer do.

We love Port A for many reasons...

The food.
Moby Dick's is a fun, must-eat-at, eatery.

La Playa... Our favorite!

The dolphin watching...
To which I highly recommend the sunset
dolphin cruise out of Woody's.

The sunsets.
By the way, this lighthouse is a historical sight.

We love standing in the mouth of a shark...

We always have to do it. We're dorks like that.

This is an awesome place to buy fresh shrimp...
like, caught-minutes-before-you-got-there, fresh.
For the night that you're cooking in. Yum.

The nail salon is fun...
especially if you like listening to that "Get Down Tonight" song
while getting a leg massage from a little Asian lady. Yepper.

We always stay at a fun little beachy place...
and for some reason, they've all been aqua blue.

This place was a newly remodel, just in time for summer...
I think we were the forth or fifth occupants.

So cute and perfect for us... I borrowed this photo from the website.

This one too.
My homegirl loved this futon.
She slept there for five nights.

A perfect sized kitchen for vacationing families.

The dining area is super cute and charming.
A quiet place to sit early in the mornings,
sipping on your coffee, while blogging away.

This is the quiet street our beach cottage sat on...
just one of many.

And that's just a few reasons why we love Port A...

Oh yeah, and of course


Wishing I was in Port A,

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Lish said...

You all MUST check out Tybee Island also. It is BEAUTIFUL. We rented a HUGE 6 bedroom 3 story house there a couple of years ago and it was RIGHT on the beach. It was GREAT. I could LITERALLY lay in bed and watch the ships go by in the Ocean.
Tybee Island is GREAT!! Then we drove into Savannah and OMG, I wanted to LIVE there! I love the trees with the moss hanging from them. It's sooo intruiging and charming at the same time. I wanna live there one day!!!