Monday, August 2, 2010

worth the wait...

We ate here

the night before we were married three years ago...
and JB has craved it ever since.

So naturally, it was at the top of our "To Do"
for our vacation last week.

The queso is made with a blend of white cheeses.
Creamy, dreamy... heaven in a bowl.
It pairs nicely with an ice cold rita on the rocks with salt.

JB knew exactly what he was having...
the Crabmeat Enchiladas. Three corn tortillas
stuffed with sauteed lump crabmeat and
avocados, covered with a creamy roasted
poblano sauce... Oh. My.
He savored every bite.

I had the Enchiladas De Camarones... three corn tortillas
stuffed with fresh shrimp and avocado with creamy roasted
poblano sauce, a splash of ranchero, and topped with fresh crab meat.

Need I say more?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to try and
recreate these dishes... I don't think we'll
be able to wait another three years.

Lover of La Playa in Port A, Texas,

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Lish said...

Oh DEAR ME!!! I'm not much of a shrimp lover but O M G, now JB's dish looked DIVINE!!! I think now I'm CRAVING! And don't u just LOVE white cheese queso??? OH, I COULD LIVE ON IT!! I MUST have ur recipe when u develop it!!
I'm so glad that u guys had a wonderful vaca/anniversary celebration. U look positively Radiant in ur last pic here. And of course soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Love you tons and tons and i'm glad ur back so we can chat now. xoxox