Monday, October 27, 2008

9 months...

I'm officially 36 weeks along now... which equals 9 months. Aren't I good at math? *big smile*

Anyway, I've still got four more weeks to go until my due date and I'm happy to say that all is good... well, except for maybe the swollen fingers and toes and the fact that I'm always HOT. I'm normally a cold natured gal, but lately it seems, I'm just so darn hot all the time.

I've started my every-week visits to the Dr. now and last week they didn't say anything about my weight gain... which I interpreted as a good thing. *another big smile*

I know the lil' guy has got to be out of room in there by now. Sometimes it feels as if I'm carrying a baby octopus. JB and I find it funny that when I lay on my back he'll move over to my right side and cause my belly to be lopsided... it's the funniest thing.

I'm also officially in the nesting stage... and the worst thing about that is, it's so hard to move around like I'd like too to get things done.

Everyone else is good and is getting excited about the big day and having this little guy home to love on.



Barbara Bakes said...

How exciting! I think they should tell women it's 10 months to have a baby - it makes the last four weeks so long. Best wishes!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Congrats on making the official 9 month mark and I know you are way past ready. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. What a wonderful gift from God for the Holidays! your Cheeseburger kids would love them!