Monday, October 13, 2008

breakfast with a few ghosts...

First, let me say, I love my husband. He's multi-talented (I'll brag more about his talents at a later date... It's not what you're thinking, so get your mind out of the gutter!) and impresses me often with what he can accomplish. He also has the most beautiful green eyes, and he's pretty cute too... ok, I'll stop and get to the point of this post...

In my third-trimester pregnancy boredom this weekend, I sat and browsed through a ton of others blogs. How interesting it was to see how other people set up their blogs and what they blog about. For the most part though, I came across mostly food and baking blogs... yum! Oh, and the ideas I got. I'm now following (stalking) about a hundred other blogs... no, really, it's probably only about fifty or so... for now. Anyway, I had no idea the extinct of this new world I've entered into called "blogging". There's no turning back now... I'm hooked. And, I've got a lot to learn.

Back to my point here... As I was clicking around (and salivating), I would randomly show my hubby, who was sitting nearby watching tv, awesome photos of delicious looking food and desserts. I can't even remember some of which I showed him and where they were, as he was later asking, "Where did you see that recipe for lemon cheesecake at?". Hmmm... I don't know. Well, some of what he saw he didn't need to ask where it was, because Sunday morning as I resumed my blog browsing with my coffee he was in the kitchen whipping up these...

Ghosts pancakes! How cute is that!?! I love him. Did I already say that?

And honestly, I can't even remember on whose blog I saw them to give proper credit.

But what a cute idea! And even though the youngest two of our bunch are twelve and thirteen, they thought they were pretty neato too. So, I know if you've got lil' ones younger than twelve they'll love 'em.

And here's Haley's after she poured some syrup on him. She drizzled it across and said, "Now he looks like a mummy ghost!". (Please pay no attention to the water spots on this old plate... thank you.)

All that's required for these is your favorite pancake mix and some chocolate chips... or if you want to really get creative (or throw in something more nutritious) you could use fresh fruit, like blueberries and raspberries.

Happy Haunting!


Candy said...

Those are really cute. How lucky for you that breakfast was made!

Amy said...

I am soooo making these :)

Reeni said...

Those are are so cute! Sweet hubby.