Friday, October 10, 2008


Meet Buzz.

He's slightly obese.

His belly flops over and hides his back paws when he sits.

OK, I'm sorry Buzz... maybe obese is too harsh. Maybe I should say, "very healthy".
This is Buzz... our very healthy cat.

Buzz has only several objectives in life...

1.) To stalk you, following you from room to room, meowing and rubbing
against your legs, while you're eating your morning yogurt
until you
him the container for his fair share.

Oh, how he loves yogurt. I don't know how, but he can hear you peel
back the
lid (even if you're trying to be quiet) from anywhere in the house.
If he could, he would stick his whole face down in that container.

2.) To beg for ham in the mornings while you're making lunches for the kids.
He'll beg and beg and even try to stand on his hind legs and paw at you so you'll notice him.
"Hey, I'm down here... give me MY ham!"

"Oh, how I've got to have that ham."

And this is where I imagine that he thinks he's out on the Serengeti about to enjoy his kill.

"Ahhh... the fresh meat of a gazelle."

3.) To sunbathe. He loves to find a sunny spot, stretch out and bathe himself.
He doesn't care who's watching. He's not the least bit modest.

Ahhh... the life of a house cat.
Have a relazing weekend.


Amy said...

that is greatness...I want a Buzz.

Mary Ann said...

That is pretty funny! I remember feeding my cat bologna when I was a kid, straight from the package, but my parents weren't very happy about it. I can't believe your cat eats yogurt! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I am a cat lover, but don't tell our puppy that! You have a terrific blog. I enjoyed browsing through.