Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a trip to the farmers market...

The other day we made a trip downtown to the Farmers Market... I love going to the Farmers Market, especially this time of year.

Of course I had my camera in hand for this visit.

Besides picture taking, picking out a couple of pumpkins was on our agenda.

Just look at that gorgeous color!

These are our number one reason we make the trip to the Farmers Market often... Beefsteak Tomatoes. JB won't eat any other kind. We love 'em just sliced up with a little salt & pepper... mmmm.

Check out the vivid color of these peppers.

People watching is always fun.

Or, if your hungry for a little Mexican food.

I love the beautiful colors and patterns of the Spanish pottery... one day, I hope to have an entire collection of the stuff.

Happy Fall!

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